Saturday, November 27, 2010

Snapshots from Seoul

Having just finished a delicious meal of Sam Gyup Sal with a few close friends in Guri, a satellite of Seoul, I thought I would jot down a few notes from our conversation. Unsurprisingly, the conversation dealt heavily with the weighty matters of conflict in our yard.
  • "Shit. I don't think I have my uniform anymore. How can I get drafted if I lost my uniform?"
  • "Where's the first place you go if the call comes in that things have escalated? The embassy? The bar?"
  • "Speaking of which, I left my passport in the office. I wouldn't even be able to get into my own embassy."
  • "Imagine what it would feel like if you got a text message from me just being like, 'it started.' What would I even write? Would I write that? What about 'IT BEGINS!' Or maybe 'those assholes should have stayed out of the West Sea.'"
  • "What will I wear? Should I take a shower?"
If the devil is in the details then the details are delicious.

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