Friday, April 22, 2011

The Tyler Cowen

Minimal updates today. Our crack team of journalists is heading to...the Philippines. For what they assure me is the scoop of the century. On a beach. Thankfully I don't pay them anything so I can't get too bent out of shape as they slowly burn to a crisp on vacation.

We'll be back in the saddle next Wednesday fans, with more of the content that you love. Until then, enjoy.
  1. Everyone with a house out in the middle of nowhere is getting on the beautiful time-lapse photography bandwagon.
  2. An international trailer for the don't-get-too-excited-but-I-can't-help-but-get-excited new X-Men movie.
  3. And the Koyaanisqatsi-esque Life in a Day from Ridley Scott. I don't think it'll hold a candle to that classic but the trailer is nice.
  4. Finally, what fame is like. Via The Browser.

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