Friday, July 1, 2011

The Tyler Cowen

  1. Funny organizational charts. Makes me shudder at the memory of having to make these for my old employer. Nowhere is a company's self-deception more apparent than in their organizational charts.
  2. Propaganda art is hilarious. (Am I the only one who thinks so?)
  3. The circus of Russian politics.
  4. Google famously subscribes to it's "Don't be evil" mantra of its founder. Where do our morals lie though, when it comes to a trade-off between privacy and evil
  5. Painting with salt. Via The Awesomer.
  6. An excellent article describing the inescapable corruption that accompanies even the most well-intentioned designs. Similar stuff to our previous link to over-counting graves. Whiiiiiiiich...I can't find. I think I should probably rethink my organization here. 

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