Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Tyler Cowen

  1. NKEconWatch on North Korea's housing initiatives. The degree of attention this blog lavishes on the details is astounding.
  2. More people voting with their feet. Times must be getting tough in the Hermit Kingdom.
  3. North Korea's entrepreneurship abroad.
  4. Beautiful, interactive infographic charting population movement around the world. (Although their data shows no movement from North to South Korea.) Via Infosthetics.
  5. The Year of Wonders. Via The Browser.
  6. Louis C.K. being his awesome self.
  7. Sound-work for Transformers 3. I've heard the movie's terrible but this is pretty interesting.SoundWorks Collection: The Sound of Transformers: Dark of the Moon from Michael Coleman on Vimeo.

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