Monday, January 10, 2011

3 Vital FBML Tutorials

Since we're in the middle of trying to do a bunch of fancy stuff for various Facebook pages, the research is fresh on our minds. As a result, we thought we'd help out anyone looking for their own tutorials on getting started on FBML.

  1. on a host of simple tricks to add much needed functionality to your Facebook page. Check out the Facebook page for active examples. 
  2. Web Design Tutorials with a great two-part tutorial on how to bring a FBML design from Photoshop into Facebook.
  3. Mashable's 8 Essential Apps for Facebook. 
Smashing Magazine has a comprehensive list of these and others as well as a gallery of best-of FBML pages for those looking for more detail. But these three were enough for us to do everything we wanted. 

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