Monday, January 3, 2011

The Tyler Cowen

  1. Another inspiring Horatio Alger everyman. This one created IMDb. 
  2. Beautiful photos of various monuments in various states of construction. The Rushmore picture is particularly unnerving as it feels like the faces are being excavated from the mountain rather than carved into it. Via Gizmodo.
  3. Fledgling steps towards capitalism aren't going to be without their pitfalls. A look at the on-the-ground machinations of North Korean free markets from DailyNK. (Via North Korean Economy Watch.) 
  4. Also from North Korean Economy Watch, a detailed comparison of Pyongyang circa 1946 to the modern city.
  5. This beautiful video has been making the rounds for a while now with even Oscar-buzz(!) clinging to it. 
  6. Kim Jong il can't read the annual North Korean 'New Year's Statement' because he sounds like a dork
  7. And one final video embed, this one of an extremely tight music video. While I'm not sold on the song itself, the typography is note perfect, nailing everything from branding to distance to sleep. (Via Gizmodo.) 

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