Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Tyler Cowen

  1. Another year-end review of movies by revenue. It's nice to be able to trace the longevity of a movie in addition to just focusing on its opening week. (Although this throws into sharp relief how vital the opening week is in relation to everything else.) Via Cool Infographics.
  2. We all are prey to the wild fluctuations in the speed of time, particularly as we get older. The New York Times has a nice article on it. "And emotional events — a breakup, a promotion, a transformative trip abroad — tend to be perceived as more recent than they actually are, by months or even years." Via The Browser. 
  3. A Zinn-esque reminder about the dormant class wars
  4. Homeland security is not making us safer. When does this cease to be a practical problem and become a metaphysical one? When do we throw up our hands, accept that life is full of risks, and relish in the moment? When do we start listening to Let's Go Crazy again?
  5. North Korean restaurants now being reported on in Fast Company
  6. Nice photos. Nice nice photos. 

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