Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Tyler Cowen

  1. Good summary of the North Korean situation from a US-foreign policy perspective. It is far less organized, far less consistent, and far less informed than we would like to think. Provides an interesting comparison between China's obstinateness with regard to Pyongyang and the US's continued support of Israel. With so little known, our policies reflect far more about ourselves than about North Korea. (Via 38North.)
  2. Awesome video from Open Stats (via Information Aesthetics) on how San Francisco is using public police reports to map crime is fascinating. (And because it's never too late to bring up these incredible maps again...)
    Brilliant infographics
  3. An explanation of Starbucks' evolving insignia. Those early logos were disturbingly sexual. Now it seems the power of the brand is so strong that the word coffee need not even be included. (Via the Gawker.) 
  4. What trembling hands really mean in poker. Hint: it's not a bluff. 

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