Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Well, we're all going to die. Apparently the super volcano beneath Yellowstone just blipped onto our collective radars again thanks to some geological shifting that moved ground as much as 10 inches in some places. Here at BofHam we first learned about this super volcano several years ago via the Discovery Channel on a lazy-turned-terrifying Sunday afternoon.

The tricky thing with geological time is that it's on a scale we can't really wrap our heads around. We're roughly due for another super explosion that would wipe out 2/3's of the US and potentially plunge the Earth into something akin to a nuclear winter. But 'roughly' can mean, give or take, 10,000 years. So will it happen tomorrow? Chances are good that it won't due simply to pure probability. (One day compared to 10,000 years is chances of 1:3,650,000.) On top of that, scientific analyses suggest that the reservoir of magma is too deep to be an immediate threat.

But still! Apocalypse fear is thrilling for a little bit! And North Korea hasn't attacked any islands recently! So let's get back into our Prince mindset and go a little crazy. For your fear-mongering pleasure, we submit the following:

Via the Discovery Channel.

Via National Geographic.


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